Who wants to waste time in a queue to pay a bill our customer service representatives can help you by dealing with this task for you. They can make sure your bills a paid directly from your account on time and without you having to queue. Universal Bank works with all the major service and utility providers to make your life easier.
  • Turkcell Bills
  • Telsim Bills
  • Phone Bills
  • Electricity Bills
  • Digiturk Bills
  • Municipality Bill

It is described as the making of payment between two banks in TL currency.
Foreign Exchange Transfer (SWIFT)
Our Bank is under taking foreign currency transfers, both locally and internationally with speed and ease. If you require sending foreign currency to your account at our bank from abroad, it is enough to inform the sender about the SWIFT code and IBAN NO. Along with your account name and account number. It will be enough to have an account at our bank to action all your foreign currency transfers/EFT your money transfer will be done on the same day, if you make your foreign currency transfer (SWIFT) transaction entry before 12 o’clock and in maximum 2 days if you instruct the bank after 12 o’clock.

Sigue with the fast and reliable money transfer.
Payment is made from over 23,000 agents in 102 countries worldwide. Reaches of money in just 10 minutes to reach the location. Any bank account or credit card does not have to.
Sigue agent, go to any passport / ID display and fill out a simple form.
How is the process of sending???
  1. Refer to any Sigue agent.
  2. Amount + commission amount will go to fill out the form sum of the agent is delivered.
  3. Passport / ID shall be submitted.
  4. After the process is complete 9-digit number given to you the buyer know. The identity of the buyer within 10 minutes from the nearest Sigue / able to take the money by showing your passport.
How to get a money in the future???
  1. Notifier will send the money with 9-digit number, go to the nearest Sigue agent.
  2. The sender’s information is given to you to take the form, the expected amount and enter the 9-Digit number.
  3. Passport / identity by showing you can pick up your money immediately.
Documents required to do wire transfers;
  • Passport, identity, and the person who made the transfer to come to the bank’s license
  • The information provided in the recipient’s full name, address, phone number,
Documents required for incoming wire transfer;
  • TMT Number
  • The person to receive the money, passport, ID or driver’s license