• UniCard is one of the first internationally valid credit card with MasterCard privileges. Customers can shop at million points both domestically and abroad.
  • Most trustworthy card of TRNC due to its chip and PIN features.
  • Provides Customers with installment opportunity and discounts if used at agreed companies.
  • Plus Point reward system which enables customers to use points for free shopping.
  • Cash advance, loan installment payment, cash withdrawal, money order/transfer services at ATM points.
  • Free Internet banking to check accounts.
  • Possibility of Supplementary Card Issuance.
Apply for UniCard;
  • Fill in the application form by visiting any of our Universal Bank branches .
  • If you are not a T.R.N.C resident, by opening a Term Deposit Account at our bank you can earn interest and on top of that get a UniCard and UniCard On-Air  without needing a guarantor.

It is a service where you can withdraw money 24/7, without being charged any interest, by visiting any ATM in the world and connecting to your current account. By linking more than one current account to your card, it provides you the opportunity to withdraw cash from any of these current accounts. Our customers holding a Debit Card can shop everywhere freely without any concern.