Respect and Loyalty:

  • Perform our tasks properly and ethically in an adoptive way
  • Keeping our promises to the customers
  • Maintaining long lasting relationships with customers by acting honestly and consistent

Customer Orientation and Team Spirit: 

  • Focusing on the customer satisfaction which is the prior and common aim of the personnel
  • As the employees of the Bank, supporting and contributing to each other’s work
  • Caring about the corporate end team performance besides the individual one.
  • Communicating with each other as personnel and understanding our needs
  • Respecting and trusting each other as employees
  • Making decisions by considering the whole picture of the sector and its effects
  • As part of the Universal Bank Ltd. protecting and supporting the community and environment


  • Completing a project successfully by using innovative approaches and ideas
  • Finding quick and practical solutions with the help of our experiences, knowledge and technology in case the standard solutions are useless
  • Developing creative ideas and products to make our customers’ life and our own life easier.


  • Establishing corporate consciousness for every employee to adapt to the changing environment and practices quickly and correctly
  • Encouraging the personnel to use initiative when necessary
  • Measuring the performance correctly and fairly based on measurable and objective criteria.
  • Appreciating successful projects and providing feedback to the personnel about it
  • Defending our ideas rationally and work accordingly to use them