• Limited (Bank overdraft) Account
• Instalment Loans
• Discount/ Purchasing Loans
• Check Depot

It is a non-cash loan, that is provided in the form of a guarantee or a written commitment by the bank addressing the third party, which ensures that an entity who promises to get a job done, to deliver a product or to pay up a debt will do so fully complying with the conditions agreed thereupon or will pay the loan amount in full when it is due.
Letter of Guarantee;
It is a guarantee letter issued by the bank, which guarantees the undertaking of the debtor’s (subscriber) obligations to the creditor (opposite number)
If the transactions are not undertaken or the payment is not made in due time as stated in the Letter of Guarantee and the concerned debtor gives a written request, the bank is under obligation to pay the amount stated in the Letter of Guarantee.
The bank becomes creditor for the amount paid and for the costs.
Cash Management
Our bank will undertake the following transactions for you, taking away the financial burdens from your firm; payment of employee salaries,, accepting the cash surplus, compensating for the cash requirements, tracking of both domestic and overseas payments, EFT,  SWIFT transactions, dealer payments and cash collections, collection of cheques and cheque depot management.
Point Of Sale (POS) Terminal
Perform your cash and due date sales via POS and get completely rid of the non-payment risk.
Mobile POS
  • It is the POS solution we recomend to the companies servicing houses, delivery vans, taxis etc.
  • Moblie POS machines provides operational convenience
  • They work independently from electric and telephone lines
  • You can receive payment where ever the mobile phones work
VPOS is the ideal electronic payment system for online businesses that need to manage payments in a secure, fast and simple way using the main debit and credit cards.
The VPOS payment gateway is a comprehensive and secure solution for all processes that require an electronic transaction: from capturing cardholder details, to authenticating and authorising the transaction and final settlement.
Present in many countries and processing transactions in a great number of currencies, VPOS guarantees the eCommerce successful online payments and increased sales conversion rates.
VPOS meets the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requeriments, accrediting strict compliance with current regulations on security set by the eCommerce industry for processing, handling and transferring credit and debit cardholder data.
Thus, VPOS guarantees complete security while transferring data, both personal and regarding economic transactions. The information is sent encrypted to the server, preventing interception and theft.